I’m really tired of hearing about how lazy my generation is…

My Odyssey article that will be published later this week, but I’m posting it now. By sharing her article, even if you disagree with it, The Odyssey rewards her, so try not to share her toxic viewpoints too much…


Yesterday, I read an article from a girl named Victoria called “The Millennial Christian Woman Ashamed of Her Generation.” It seemed to play into the cliche of how Millennials are lazy and entitled, with a splash of how girls aren’t raised with dignity. Last I checked it had almost two thousand shares.

Here is my, also a Millennial Christian Woman, response.

Let’s break this down, because I was raised very similarly to this woman. I too was spanked as a child, but only when I did something extremely serious and life threatening like run out into the street. I had time-outs and other forms of punishment that didn’t involve my parents hitting me, and I’d like to think I turned into a respectful person. I was never in detention or in trouble growing up. Personally, I don’t know where exactly I stand on the whole spanking argument, but I do think that often spanking can be used as a gateway into more abuse when a child is older.

I too was taught to carry myself with dignity no matter the circumstance, but that’s not some special trait millennials have lost.

I’m also from the Midwest. This author makes a point of mentioning the wildfires destroying people’s homes, and yes that is absolutely awful. As a farmer myself, I’ve seen how my family came to losing our livelihood. I agree that there should be national coverage of this because it’s not only a personal tragedy for the family, it destroys entire communities (although I would like to point out that farmers usually save animals because they spent tons of money on them so they can die at the right time and they can make a profit, not necessarily because they’re overly attached to them). I’m also looking to become a school Superintendent, a field which is 87% men. She’s asking what rights women are deprived of, rather condescendingly saying “Look honey, it’s not 1970 anymore.”

Legally, nobody is denying we are better off than we were in the 70s, but then again in the 70s, there were probably women saying they’re better off than they were in the 40s. That’s how progress works. You improve, but you don’t stop.

Some rights feminists are fighting:

Rapists can gain custody of the children they father in my state.

The wage gap is bad for women, but even worse for women of color.

As a feminist, I believe women should be included in the draft. We’re asking men to die for our country, our women can do the same.

Men are more likely to commit suicide, in part due to pressure put on them by our society that unfairly expects them to do more.

The life expectancy for transgender women of color is 35 years old. In the USA.

This is just a shortlist, mind you, but we are far from complete gender equality.

So let’s move on to some of her main points, shall we?

I am free to worship my God as a Christian women [sic].” Yes, you are. EVERYONE is free to practice their religion, and that’s one of the things that makes America great. Nobody is saying let terrorists in, do you think people are that ridiculous? It takes over a year for refugees to get in to the United States. You can’t just traipse through an airport to get in, you need visas, proof of funds, background checks, etc. Also, Islam is just as peaceful as Christianity, possibly more. There are around a billion Muslims in the world, so if they weren’t you probably wouldn’t be here. If you can differentiate between the KKK and Christianity, you can between ISIS and Islam.

“With that, you tell me that this country was built on immigration.” I might disagree with Ben Carson and say it was also built on the slave trade and the genocide of the native population, but we don’t like thinking about that a lot, do we? My family has been here since 1880 when we homesteaded on the land we farm to this day. I’m very proud of that. Since then, immigration has only made our country better. The author says she wants to protect our homeland first? We already have the largest military in the world and we are one of the most difficult to get into. Also, when she says “I will not pay for you to live here freely,” Don’t worry, unless someone is a refugee let in legally because they are running from persecution like many of our ancestors were, you won’t be paying for them. To enter the country you have to prove you have the funds to live here, and if you’re undocumented you don’t get any government assistance anyways. Think about it, if you’re trying to not be noticed by the government, are you going to go up to them and ask for assistance? I grew up with a kid who used an ace bandage to heal a broken arm because he was undocumented and couldn’t go to the hospital. As a Christian, I am horrified that we can be selfish enough to not show enough basic human decency to help people in need.

“I’m a millennial and I’m not OK with gays, lesbians, and bisexuals.” Should I start with “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” or “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone,” because I think you need to hear them both. I’m glad you don’t openly “treat them like a pile of crap,” don’t get me wrong, but you’re also categorizing them as having some disease or condition. I don’t think anyone in the LGBT community is suffering because they are LGBT, I think it’s more of how people treat them for being LGBT. Also, think about the practicality of them having their own toilet. There are places that have gender neutral toilets, and they’re great, but even if that’s what they were fighting for, until that law got passed and business owners renovated their stores to include them, these people still have to pee. If I had to go home every time I needed to go to the bathroom, I’d never go out! It’s just impractical and with 2-4% of the population being gay, you’ve probably shared a bathroom with a gay person or even a transgender person and survived. You can share a toilet and still have your peace of mind.

In the end she goes back to how respectable she is, as if you must be modest to be a good person. I was born and raised under Midwest standards, too. (Nebraska Nice, amiright?) Good for you, you get to believe whatever you want, but you don’t get to pass judgments on other people. Being a good Christian does not mean believing you are better than other people. Also, when it comes to participation trophies, it was our parents giving them to us, I don’t have my 5th grade field day participation ribbon framed on my wall, nobody does. Nobody wants a participation trophy that’s just sad I think we can all agree on this.

You know what? I am proud, America. I am proud so many people are so politically active and letting our representatives know what we think. AS SOMEONE WHO IS LITERALLY SITTING AT A DINNER TABLE IN ENGLAND, WITH ENGLISH PEOPLE, the only reason anybody would be laughing at us is because of some of the crazy things the Trump administration has said. Right now, my mates are showing me memes of KC saying microwaves are cameras. Usually they’re not laughing, they’re just terrified of rhetoric like this article being so popular.

I think America will benefit from my generation, one that is more diverse, and more connected to each other and the rest of the world than ever. I’ve lived paycheck to paycheck, wondering how my family can make a paycheck stretch far enough for food. We all have struggles, but if we start comparing our struggles then we also should compare our triumphs. I’m not a Kardashian or a Trump, someone born into riches. Protests are at the center of democracy. Honestly, I could walk up to the capital and protest the fact that sidewalks should be red. Many people might consider it ridiculous, disagree, and probably not take me seriously, but it’s my right to protest, even if nobody agrees with what I’m saying.

To the author of this article,

We are very similar. We’re proud of how and where we were raised. We’re both young, millennial, Christian women. But I’m not going to assume that the millions of women who participated in the women’s march are all just throwing a fit over nothing. I’m not going to assume they don’t do anything else, because you can protest and work at a homeless shelter. Most of the women I know who marched are good, intelligent women. Whether or not they choose to march topless shouldn’t invalidate what they’re saying. Your entire article is passing judgment on the biggest generation in the United States. This is America, where people have the freedom to do what they want. You have the freedom to assume that our generation is spoiled, despite being raised in a recession, with over a third of us holding jobs anyways, that doesn’t make you right. Maybe instead of writing angry articles, you should do what many of the women marching do: become involved in the political process, go to town halls, write to senators. Some of the policies we’re going to be debating will change lives.

God forbid you save lives without judging them first.


Well? What do you think?

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