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Does White Privilege Exist?

I recently read this article that was shared on my Facebook timeline by one of my old Hot Topic coworkers. I disagreed with it, but I took a step back and asked myself why exactly I disagreed with it. Were my opinions based on evidence, or simply because people were telling me about it? I decided to do some research and found that yes, white privilege exists, and it is the author of this article that doesn’t have any facts to support his point of view. I’m going to try to put some facts into this “opinion” piece.

Let’s start at the beginning. “I do not even know what these things that I supposedly benefit from are, that you’re discriminating against me for” First of all, if you’re going to write an article about white privilege, you need to at least google what the privileges are. White privilege does not mean that you are socioeconomically privileged, although they usually coincide. When you’re white, you don’t have to worry about people assuming that you’re a thug, a terrorist, or “illegal”. White people don’t have to worry about being disproportionately targeted by police (and if you say “oh, well black people just commit more crimes,” I want you to look up Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Dontre Hamilton, John Crawford, Dante Parker, Tamir Rice, and all of the other people of color who have been wrongfully killed). Nobody is actively targeting white people because they are stereotyped as radical and a danger to the country, and nobody is proposing we patrol white neighborhoods.


Yes, it is possible to discriminate against white people, and it does happen on individual levels, but racism refers to a system that is set up to benefit one race. The 114th congress is the most diverse EVER, and yet they are only 17% non-white and representing a country that is nearly 40% people of color.

Another quote from this author: “White privilege supposedly includes that I don’t have to worry because when I turn on the television, only white people are represented. We all know that’s not anywhere near true in the present day so I don’t know when these “privileges” were made, I guess I never got the memo.” Umm… have you been living under a rock? According to a UCLA study, the ratio of white-to-black leads is 2:1. It’s still a pleasant surprise when you can point out more than 3 people of color not portraying a stereotype. Did you forget about the Oscars? Most movies nominated by the academy had a majority white cast, and no person of color even got nominated for an Oscar!

Finally, “Schools and employers now want diversity meaning that, in a way, white people are losing opportunities even if it’s not warranted, such as losing a job to someone less qualified only because the company needs diversity.” Also not true. FinAid.org published the statistics for minority distribution of scholarships. The reality is that minority students are less likely to win private scholarships or receive merit-based institutional grants than Caucasian students. Caucasian students win 78% of scholarships even though they make up only 60% of applicants. THIS IS A FACT HOW DO YOU NOT GET THIS. Affirmative action is still needed, there is no disputing this.

All in all, this is an opinion piece. I’m white, and yeah, I do have privileges that people of color don’t have. I’m not ashamed of being white, but I understand what our system is doing. I understand that I’m more likely to get ahead than some of my friends, and I want to change that.

Too long didn’t read: White privilege is real, you just need to understand it. There are a ton of facts proving this, get your head out of your ass.


Well? What do you think?

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