Midnight Mess

I thrive in ordered chaos. My desk always looks messy to those who walk by, but everything is in its place.  Here’s a little tour of my college workspace and everything that I typically use!IMG_8804So overall, this is what my desk currently looks like. I recently invested in an HP DeskJet 3634 printer/scanner/copier, so my desk is a bit crowded. I got it at Staples on sale for about $35, but you can get it here as well. I have had to do an ungodly amount of printing this past semester, so this has been an invaluable buy.

IMG_8806My roommate is already asleep, so the string lights and the lamp that I got when I was 12-years-old give a dim glow that I find peaceful. I use my desk for absolutely everything, so there are some makeup products in the back, along with a scentsy, mirror, jewelry, and for a while I also had a coffee-maker here.

IMG_8807If you are a student, or just someone who is insanely busy like me, I cannot tell you much I have used this whiteboard calendar this semester. I bought this one at Shopko the summer before I moved in, and I remember my mom shaking her head and asking if I really wanted to spend money on it. Stubborn old me told her that I was certain, and now every time she judges how I spend my money I bring up the calendar that has saved my ass this entire year. Since I’m one of those people who like to have my entire life spread out before them to see everything at one (I reference you back to my mess of a desk), I love color coding assignments and having the entire month where I can see. It’s especially nice because I can see hell weeks coming and am never taken by surprise. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD INVEST IN A GIANT DRY-ERASE CALENDAR IT WILL SAVE YOU.

IMG_8808Since I sleep like the dead, I also have this old-fashion alarm clock that I hate/love. I hate it because it’s so loud and shocking that I’m literally scared awake, but I love it because I will climb out of bed early so I can turn it off so I don’t have to hear it. All in all, a good buy.


Have any other desk essintials I should look into? Comment below what your most useful product in and I’ll give it a look! Study hard and get those A’s!


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