You Said

You said you didn’t know how you felt.

You said you needed help,

and time and time again

I gave it to you.


You said that you didn’t know if you ever loved me.

You said you wanted to find out who you were

and I may not have all the answers,

but I know that you’re not going to find what you need in the arms of another.


You said nobody else understood.

You said I was the only one who you could really talk to,

yet while your lips were whispering sweet nothings to me

your hands were exploring someone else’s body.


You said that it sounded like I only wanted friendship.

You said that you didn’t know how to be closer to me.

You said you weren’t sure what you could do,

but I can assure you, you only needed to ask.


You said you thought you could find what love really felt like.

You said you could then confirm or deny what you felt for me.

You said you came up empty,  even more confused,

but you weren’t the only one.


Do you know what you’ve done?

You said you cared for me,

but now I will have reason to doubt everyone who ever said they loved me.

I try to take something away from every relationship

and you gave me something I’ll never forget


You could have given me a hint,

a warning,

some sign that would’ve let me known how you felt.

Maybe you did, but I just didn’t pick up on it.

If that is the case, then I am sorry


But I said I loved you.

I said it, and I meant it.


Well? What do you think?

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