My First Dorm Room


Yes, it’s messy, but for my first semester of college this was home. I had computers, books, my mouse, mirror, coffee maker, calendar, cork board, hammock, and tons of pictures to remind me of home. All of this was below my lofted bed, which was as high as it could go. Hopefully this can give someone some inspiration!

This was the final result:



4 thoughts on “My First Dorm Room

  1. This is so much cooler than the dorm room I had. Mine felt so empty and a little depressing, like we all might get meningitis or my roomate didn’t really like me but put up with me until she could find someone better. The place you’ve made is a place to make and create and learn. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much!!! I really like it! I was lucky enough to live in a dorm that had hardwood floors and beige walls like at home, but I have friends who live in a different building that got stuck with white cinderblock and white linoleum floors. If that’s ever the case, I highly recommend investing in a tapestry (I like society6’s) for the wall and string lights. Also, a good carpet is always nice!
      I also got really really lucky with my roommate! We have a ton in common and have a lot of fun!


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