When I was 15 I saw my father almost give up
     as the stench of infection permeated my skin
          so I ran away to the library
               hoping to find a better world I could escape to


When I was 16 I saw my mother slowly disappearing 
     as she turned to skin and bone I could not cope
          So I ran away to New York City, trying to find myself 
               in a sea of huddled masses.


When I was 17 I saw my life suddenly start to fall apart
     as I spent too many nights sleeping in my car
          So I ran away into the arms of a boy 
               who promised me the moon and gave me dust.


When I was 18 I could feel my demons catching up with me
     as my head filled with fog
          So I ran away to college and a life
               away from everything I knew


I am running.
     constantly avoiding what’s really bothering me.
          When someone asks me what’s wrong,
               I automatically respond with “ask me later”
because I know no one ever does. 

I am running,
     gasping for air and running out of breath
          and I am about to collapse. 
               I am weak and my body is on fire


I am running
     But I’ve been running for far too long.
          Too many things have been chasing me
               And I must turn and face them.


I was running

but now

I must stand and fight

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