RIP Alan Rickman

On January 14th, I learned that a beloved man and actor Alan Rickman passed away. I’ve always had an odd relation with death; My philosophy was just that everybody dies and there’s nothing you can do about it, so why let it bother you?

I had a poetry class that morning where we did this exercise where we had a word from a magazine clipping, a paint sample, and a playing card. I had the word “Days,” the Ace of clubs, and this greyish-green color named after someone named Gina’s eyes.  With all of these, we had five minutes to write a poem that brought all of them together and make something cohesive.


For some reason, all of these things together got me even more immersed by Rickman’s death. Therefore, I decided to write a poem from the view of one of his most iconic characters, Severus Snape. Though I’ve never been one to share my poetry in class, I figured it’d be safe to put on here. Again, as a disclaimer, this is what I came up with in five minutes.


There never seems to be enough time:

time to love, time to learn, time to do what’s right


I look into her eyes

and I see all of the days we had as children

and all of the time we spent together

and you, my doe-eyed sweetheart.


Time has not been kind to me,

and when you left

I seemed to grow more and more alone,

withdrawing into the darkness.


I tried to save you,

There just wasn’t enough time.

Now the days pass by so slowly

as I wait for dawn to come.


I still see your eyes,

and I hope that they’ll be the last things I ever see. 

Because after all this time,

I’m still in love with you. 



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