Five Things to Do When You Move Back Into Your Dorm After Break

Winter break is almost over, and millions of students are leaving home and moving back into the tiny cinderblock rooms we call dormitories. With all the craziness that happens at the beginning of the year, here are five things that will make your life a whole lot easier.

No. 1: Redecorate Your Room

You would not believe how invigorating it is to have a new layout. It honestly feels like you’re in a completely different room! Plus, it’s a good way to unpack and find places for all the things you bring back from home.

No. 2: Order Your Textbooks

Honestly, I like to wait until class actually starts to order my textbooks, because occasionally professors will tell you that you don’t actually need this book. You might want to wait and get a feel for your classes before you do this, but there are other things you should definitely stock up on, such as pencils, notebooks, note cards, highlighters, command hooks (always a must for dorm rooms!) or flash drives.

No. 3: Make a Plan

Figure out what you want to accomplish this semester, whether it be academic goals or extra-curricular activities you want to do, or even just personal goals like getting in shape. It’s extremely important that you write them down somewhere you see every day, or that you tell a friend who holds you accountable. That’s the key to achieving almost anything!

No. 4: Catch Up With Friends

It’s been almost a month away from these people who you used to see every day. I can guarantee you that someone has a juicy story to tell. It’s also important just for all of you to know where each other is at now, so you can help each other out as the year goes on. I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun it is to just sit in a circle and girl talk about everything that has happened. My face hurt from laughing so much!

No. 5: Relax!

Don’t psych yourself out for classes that haven’t even started! This is the least you will have to do for the next five months, so enjoy it! Kick back, watch Netflix all day, eat your bodyweight in ramen, whatever! This is your last chance to not stress out, so savor every minute of it!


Just remember, this is a new year. All the stuff you had to learn last semester that you were freaking out about doesn’t matter now. Take a deep breath and get ready to go. You are going to learn so much this semester, but you’re also going to have a whole lot of fun!


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