Lately, I’ve been trying my hand at slam poetry. This was one of my earliest poems, so it’s very rough around the edges and a bit ranty. I’d love it if someone could turn it into something more (but give me a shout out!) Here ya go:

Recently, I’ve started playing Minecraft, and the number one question I get asked is

“What does your house look like?”

Now if any of you play Minecraft, you know that building things is a pretty big part of the game. But do you know what the number one question my brother gets asked?

“How far along are you?”

You see, he is on a journey of conquest while I am building a home.

“You don’t have enough decoration here.”

Well I was planning on using my gold for a helmet

“Your place seems pretty drab”

Yes, that’s because I literally made it from a cave

“Do you need help building anything?”

Even in a virtual reality, it is assumed that I cannot create my own world.

I’m told my avatar doesn’t look very feminine.

My avatar is a small unisex block-man named Steve.

In the vast majority of video games, any female character is scantily clad, usually not wearing a bra, asking the brave young hero for help.

When I log on in my battle gear ready to fight I’m told

That by hiding my gender I’m deceiving all of the sexually repressed teenage boys whose asses I’m kicking.

Like them knowing that I’m a woman would make them more capable of beating me.


They say that video games are a waste of time.

I disagree

I say it gives us a very real sense of challenges girls in both worlds face.

For example, do not slay my own dragons, my knight in shining armor does that.

I build a home for him to gain his strength in.

The creeper that destroys my castle is much too similar to the creep down the street that destroyed my body.

Don’t look that one in the eyes or he will come after you and you cannot run fast enough.

You cannot rest, there are monsters nearby

You cannot rest, there are monsters nearby


Never rest when there are monsters nearby

In order to beat this game that time and time again has tried to kill me

I must fight the boss.

But I am not a damsel in distress.

I am a warrior.

And I will beat this game.

*mic drop*



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