Words, Words, Words!

Three Words That Describe Me

My senior year, my show choir put together a senior memory book. There was one section that said, “Write down three words that embody you.” Now, this was a rather interesting request, and most students just put down random adjectives. Kind, funny, and musical came up way too often. I decided I wanted to be different. So I started messaging my brother and one of the smartest people I know, Allie V., and together we brainstormed this list. It started out well, but slowly deteriorated into madness. All of these have been on a note in my phone for too long, so I decided I’d get them all out and put them on here. Hopefully, you can use these in the future!


Fly as fuck,

I am woman,

Death to patriarchy,

Meme-loving manchild (It’s not three, but it’s close enough),

Flying purple people-eater,

Burn your bras,

I know things,

Leggings are pants,

Dogs are better,

Sic Semper Tyrannis (I once convinced a girl that this phrase meant love you always and she put it as her Instagram bio for over a year),

Ha Ha Apathy,

C’est La Vie

Tried and failed (recommended for yearbooks),

Friendly neighborhood transcendentalist

Everything is eventual

Everything will end

Accept your mortality (we got dark)

Feminist as fuck

Undefined by society

Really loved poetry


If you have any suggestions, comment them down below!!!



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